Effective Decision-Making and Enhanced Shareholder Value

We work with organizations of all sizes and across all industries to generate bespoke strategies and provide solutions that foster effective decision-making and enhanced shareholder value. Our ‘over the bar’ approach has enabled us to remain at the fore front of legal progression across a broad range of industries, as we continue to provide pragmatic solutions to the most complex issues and channel our mastery of the law to providing advice which help our clients maximize their profitability. Our expertise is tactical and strategic, delivering great mastery earned through first rate experience advising businesses as well as boards of directors and committees of boards of directors, on issues that arise on a day-to-day basis. From corporate governance to regulatory compliance (and all of the myriad of problems and challenges that arise in the life of an organization), we provide a common sense approach and candid advice that our clients truly value.


Premium Strategic Governance Advisory Services

Governance Audit & Advisory

We put your governance framework into context and help you gain clarity on where your relative strengths and weaknesses are vis-à-vis your industry peers, utilizing a balanced holistic approach. We provide advice with regard to risk mitigating measures, to ensure or restore sound governance.

Shareholders & Founders

We proffer considered and practical advice that enable founders and shareholders to make informed decisions, navigate through their visions and concerns, chart their expectations, and effectively set up and engage with other shareholders, and with the board.

Boards & Committees

We deploy our expertise to help boards proactively manage their relations with stakeholders. Our aim is to maximize the value that boards can add, while meeting the requirements of extant laws, governance codes and other compliance obligations. We help clients develop, document and embed good governance policies and structures.

Family Owned Businesses

We assist families to set up clear rules and embed clear business strategies. We ensure that there is a strong transition plan in place that is agreed to and communicated to all. Our operative goal is to ensure a governance framework that would promote family accord and smooth transition, & foster a sense of purpose and ownership.

State Enterprises & Parastatals

We offer strategic advisory and trainings to SEOs on the implementation of their statutory mandates, conformance to their enabling statutes, composition and operational efficiency of their management boards in accordance with good governance practices, and on the continuous monitoring of performance and efficiency.

Non-Profits, Trade & Professional Associations

We create bespoke strategies that aid management’s authority to lead, facilitate the creativity to inspire, and promote the will to foster positive social change. We empower boards of non-profits with the knowledge of good governance practices needed to encourage staff/members initiative and position the organization for growth.