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We offer public policy advisory and implementation services to draft and facilitate the passage of requisite laws, regulations and guidelines (where inexistent), propose amendments where required, and provide legal advisory to Governments, Regulators, and Government Agencies, in the discharge of their respective statutory mandates.

We are also able to prepare comprehensive legal and regulatory framework reports, identifying gaps and challenges in relevant laws, policies and regulations in which legislative reforms may be considered for the purpose of achieving Government’s policy objectives, and provide recommendations on legislative interventions.

We also offer support for the implementation of enacted laws and regulations such as, the set-up and operationalization of regulatory bodies contained in the laws and regulations and the drafting of implementation guides to the laws, to aid the officers of the established regulatory body in the discharge of their statutory mandate.

Why Zircon?

Supporting Sustainable Policies

We possess in-depth understanding of Nigeria’s legal and regulatory framework, which enables us to provide the full spectrum of services ranging from regulatory compliance, public procurement and contract management, crisis management advisory, et al.

We stay abreast of legal and regulatory developments that impact our clients, offering high-level legal counsel to shape their policy framework. We also advocate our clients’ interests with relevant public authorities and routinely monitor and advise on the probable impacts of pending and extant legislation and government guidelines.


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Our Untainted Assurance

As a best practice law firm that believes in and operates in accordance with the best of corporate governance standards, we ensure that our services are conducted within good corporate and prudential standards. Our unblemished assurance to all our clients is highest sense of accountability and confidentiality, with utmost professionalism.