Top Leading Maritime Lawyers in Nigeria

We provide services across a wide range of areas in the shipping industry such as wet and dry cargo, contentious and non-contentious shipping/admiralty matters, and regulatory and corporate matters with the objective of providing quality and pragmatic solutions to our clients. We advise Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Clubs, marine insurers, ship-owners, financiers, ship brokers and agents, freight forwarders, port and terminal operators, maritime associations, charterers, petroleum marketing and trading operators and oil and gas companies. We provide ongoing counsel on charter parties, citizenship requirements, restructurings and maritime lien enforcement. Our attorneys also constantly participate in local and international maritime and shipping workshops and conferences that empower us to keep abreast of developments in the industry. Our maritime litigation experience also enables us to advise our clients and to effectively represent them in superior courts in Nigeria. As well, our Finance Practice covers traditional asset backed ship finance, leasing transactions and other bespoke financing routes.

As a leading law firm in the Maritimes sector in Nigeria, our Shipping and Maritime law practice focus on transactional and litigation matters for clients across the world and in Nigeria. We are active in all areas of maritime law, and our attorneys routinely provide top-notch legal services relating to charter- party disputes, cargo claims and carriage contracts. We are the Firm that comes to mind for representation across all levels of the maritime industry. Our network of Attorneys and geographical connections also enable us easy access to relevant ports. We also advise on ship construction and repair contracts as well as on vessel sale and purchase transactions.

Core Strategic Offerings

Ship Sale and Purchase Advisory

Ship Financing, Ownership Structuring, Ship Mortgage and Registration

Preparing, Perfection and Stamping of Agreements On Ship Loans, Guarantees, Financial Indemnities, Escrows, Undertakings, Debentures, Memorandum of Agreements Registering/Licensing of Shipping Companies

Inland and Coastal Shipping Advisory

Crude and Commodity Trading, International Sale of Goods, Trade Financing

Marine Insurance Advisory

Limitation of Liability, Seafarers Liability and Other Maritime Labour Related Issues

Charter Parties, Bills of Lading, Sea Waybills, Demurrage Claims

Debt Restructuring, Receiverships, Debt Protection, Debt Swapping, Debt Recovery

Realization of Collateral Securities for Local and Foreign Loans

Due Diligence Services (Search On and Verifying Title to Vessels, Encumbrances, etc.)

Container Leasing

Maritime Litigation

Maritime Employment Disputes

Rig Loss or Damage

Shipbuilding and Repair Contracts

Cargo Claims

Vessel and Cargo Seizure / Release

Collision, Grounding, and Sinking

Shipboard Fires, Stevedoring Claims, Marine and Shipyard Casualties

Bespoke Trainings

Top Leading Aviation Lawyers in Nigeria

Aviation law includes all facets of the law that deals with the ownership, operation, maintenance and use of aircraft, airports and the territorial airspace, as well as the operation and maintenance of aviation facilities. Our Attorneys boast a depth of experience in advising on all aspects of Aviation Law in Nigeria. We routinely assist with drafting of agreements, conducting of legal due diligence, reviewing of transaction documents, monitoring of regulatory requirements, brand and other forms of intellectual property protection as well as management of aviation claims and disputes. Our attorneys are able to advice on the full range of our clients’ aviation law-related needs, including but not limited to:

  • Advising and assisting with general corporate commercial transactions such as registrations, due diligence, documentation and contracts structuring, and restructuring and related matters.
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements of the Nigeria government and international requirements.
  • Advising on customer complaints and management of civil actions for compensation.
  • Advising on labour matters such trade disputes, employment contracts and general labour law matters.
  • Providing advice and reviewing of documents in respect of aircraft financings and leasing arrangements.
  • Advising on cargo handling and ancillary insurance matters.
  • Reviewing, advising and preparing of different agreements such as aircraft lease agreements, supplemental agreements, maintenance and ground support agreements, fuel supply agreements, concession agreements, share purchase agreements, and technical services agreements.