innovative dispute resolution


At Zircon Strategy, we offer a range of sophisticated services to resolve business and commercial disputes efficiently and economically. We have a depth and breadth of experience in dispute resolution including traditional litigation and arbitration, as well as other innovative dispute resolution methods.

We have an active litigation practice across various State and Federal trial Courts, Specialized Courts, Statutory boards and tribunals and all appellate courts in Nigeria across diverse areas of law such as constitutional law, statutory interpretation and construction, contract law, criminal law, white collar crimes, tort, banking law, insolvencies and general financial services, commercial disputes, trade, labor and industrial disputes. Significant experience in our core areas of practice and concerted efforts at improving our competences give us an edge in preparing court processes in record time and concluding our cases without undue delay.

The Firm appreciates the need for litigation to be a last resort in dispute resolution and as such, when the need arises, deploys all its best efforts within the bounds of the law and professional ethics/rules to ensure a speedy resolution of our clients’ cases. The Firm is staffed by seasoned arbitrators who do not only belong to and have affiliations with credible Arbitration bodies and associations but also have sufficient experience in both domestic and international Arbitration and are familiar with the applicability of diverse rules.

Core Strategic Areas

Commercial Litigation

White Collar Defense, Investigation and Prosecution


Mediation and Conciliation

Representation in Administrative Issues Arising from Business Operations

Shareholder Disputes Workouts

IP Enforcement and Recovery

Class Action Defense

International Dispute Resolution

Shareholder Activism

Contentious Insurance

Patent & Trade Secret Litigation

Why Zircon?


Zircon Strategy LP is not just a Firm where issues are resolved, and solutions deployed; we are a Firm where new ways of thinking lead to outcomes that raise the bar for excellence.

We design, develop and foster the development of sustainable dispute resolution models that support both the business integrity and profitability of our clients


Our extra-mile approach ensures optimum results that position our clients for success


We are committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in all our dealings


We effectively leverage on our knowledge, network, connections and extensive experience


We build relationships through the uttermost level of professionalism

Fostering Amicable Settlement

The Zircon Strategy Arbitration team can help assess and develop a customized strategy to produce a favorable outcome effectively and with great success. Our multidisciplinary team is armed with the skills and insights required to achieve desired results. From risk avoidance, assessment and mitigation advice, to the commencement and carriage of an arbitration, we offer a complete range of dispute resolution services.